Lovers Retreat to the Virgin Islands ♥ St. Croix

St. Croix,

– a lovers paradise and once you land at the Henry E. Rohlson Airport and walk across that tarmac, you are instantly greeted with warm air and lush IMG_6391green vegetation. Take a deep breathe in because you can smell the ocean from any part of the island, you are that close.

You will begin your voyage  on the East side of the island and as soon as you leave the airport you will pass through the town of Christiansted; just one of the two major towns that make up St. Croix.

♥ Just a tip – you probably should have a taxi or someone drive you to your hotel as everyone drives on the opposite side of the road here, it can be quite tricky if your not familiar with the road system.


Tamarind Reef Resort Beach

We stayed on the East side of the island, in Christiansted by the Tamarind Reef Resort with some friends!  Leave the hotel and walk directly out to the beach fully equipped with umbrellas, tanning chairs and even a little section for anyone who wants to remove their top for that ultimate tan! St. Croix stays at 85 degrees all year round due to its location right on the equator, so you’ll want to reapply sunblock frequently. With the laid back easy atmosphere you have all day for tropical water adventures! Visit the kayak shack located right on the IMG_5939beach for some snorkeling gear and kayak rentals! You and your love can take a romantic stroll through the marina and stop to snorkel with the leather-back sea turtles.  They are the most beautiful and majestic creatures and swimming with them in their natural habitat is such an awesome experience.


On our way to Buck Island

From the beach you can see Buck island – a coral reef national monument. Check it out for yourself as it is only one short romantic ride by sailboat. The Terrero island charter will take you on an all day adventure snorkeling and sight seeing, and trust me there is alot to see under the sea! If your lucky, you can even spot dolphins and maybe even some black tip coral reef sharks while your down there! The Terrero then takes you to wander the island for awhile where you can collect beautiful sea shells and even walk the tropical trails – just be careful of sand spurs, those little suckers are everywhere. Leave Buck Island around sunset – no words can even describe what that looks like. Its absolutely gorgeous.

♥ just a tip – bring a light jacket to curl up into for the ride back to the resort. After being wet and on the water, there is a slight chill in the air. Also, bring a zipblock bag to keep important items from getting wet. Underwater camera is also an awesome idea for pictures 🙂


Our favorite beer drinking pig!

If you have the opportunity to explore I suggest stopping into the Domino Cafe located deep in the tropical forests where you can enjoy a local meal and feed the beer drinking pigs. That’s right, I said beer drinking pigs. Norma’s pigs love to drink beer! Toss a beer can into their mouth and watch them crunch on the can, drink the beer, and spit the can back out. A must see!

When hanging out around the north shore of the island, take a day trip to Annaly Bay Beach and take a dip in the tide pools. Access can be difficult so you will either have to hike or take a 4-wheel drive vehicle to get there. Once you get there though, what a treat. You are secluded and surrounded by all the things that make St. Croix the most romantic place.♥ Just a tip – pack lots of water when venturing out to the tide pools and wear shoes on the way there!

During your stay, be sure to make time to see Fredriksted, “freedom city.” Big tourist area for St. Croix and is the main part of the island for cruise ships to dock. Fredriksted is pretty much the perfect place for souvenirs to be bought and local historic structures to be sought out. The houses here are quite charming and also very historic in nature due to their old age. I have never seen something IMG_6490quite like it. The cruzans (locals) are very friendly, do say hi to them as you pass by because they will say hi to you. If you have the ultimate pleasure to live on St. Croix, not saying hi to passerbys is actually considered quite rude so, do not feel threatened when many cruzans go out of their way to say hi and ask you how you are doing. They are a friendly type of people.

The hardest and most unexciting part of St. Croix is having to leave this beautiful place. Take the time out to really get to see everything you would like and take lots of pictures and create lots of memories.

You can shake the sand from your shoes, but this place will never leave your soul. ♥

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