Month: May 2015


10 Breathtaking California Waterfalls You HAVE to Experience

  California is home to some of the most beautiful sites, waterfalls, rivers and beaches. One of the best experiences for a couple to have together is taking an adventurous hike into the mountains and searching for a beautiful waterfall to experience, explore and enjoy the harmonious sounds of falling water. How romantic right? Well we’ve put together our top… Read more →


The Ultimate Guide To Exploring Key West For The Couple Who Loves The Sun & Sand

Key West is the IDEAL place for a tropical vacation, especially if you live in Florida because it’s right in your state and it’s pretty much another world! Key West is beautiful and filled with so much sunshine, tropical waters, unique events, and history! Key West is also one of the most haunted places in the united States and pirates… Read more →


10 Jaw Dropping Springs Of Florida You Must Visit

Here it is folks, the list you’ve been waiting for – and for some, the list they didn’t know they wanted! Florida has the best springs for kayaking and nature watching, especially if you love manatees and otters! 1. Blue Springs, Orange City  The spring is a designated manatee refuge with a large winter population of West Indian Manatee. 2.… Read more →


The Beaches Of Greece Are Stunning And They’re Only Missing One Thing – YOU!

The climate in Greece is typically Mediterranean with warm and dry summers and mild winters – making it the IDEAL destination for any season. You can enjoy these gorgeous beaches any time of the year! OPA! 1. The Sea Caves of Papafragas, Pollonia Once used as a hide out for pirates, the caverns of Papafragas is a great escape from… Read more →