Don’t Miss Out On These Experiences At The Kennedy Space Center

Recently went to the Kennedy Space Center, it was a fun as well as educational experience. Here is a list of things to make sure you do at the park when planning your trip to the Kennedy Space Center so you don’t miss a thing 🙂

1. Meet An Astronaut


When you first walk into the space center, an astronaut is there to greet you! Great for pictures!

2. Hop on the Kennedy Space Center Bus for the grand tour


It is here where you begin your journey through NASA’s most well known space center. Just a tip, space fanatics start here!

3. Check out the launch pad


This is launch pad 39A, the iconic launch pad where we first made our successful launch to the moon. It stands the same today as it did in 1969.

4. Meet “The Crawler” IMG_2540

This beast carries the space crafts to the launch pad. $14 million dollars in technology carries 9 million tons at 3 kilometers an hour operated by 8 technicians all the way to the launch pad. This particular crawler has also been featured in several films.

5. Visit NASA Headquarters


The US is the leading nation to the ventures of space. This is where it all happens before it happens. Current meetings include discussion of Mars.

6. Watch the history of NASA and experience the reenactments of the first flight to the moon

IMG_2561 Informative reenactments of the first trip to the moon and also the failed space crafts that helped us get to where we are today.

7. Check out the artifacts


There is alot to see as you walk around the space center. Here are just SOME of the massive artifacts that have made it back to Earth.

8. Take a walk through space suit evolution

IMG_2625 IMG_2626 IMG_2624

There are different space suits for different situations. Who knew?

9. See the Atlantis Space Craft IMG_2658

See the famous Atlantis Space craft! Here you can experience modules of different situations that astronauts deal with on missions. Learn about life in space and how the astronauts adapt to life in the different climate that it offers.

10. Experience the take off simulation ride


Awesome simulation ride that allows passengers to feel the effects of a space craft taking off. – Not for the faint of heart!

Some things we would like to point out before visiting the Space Center

  • You want to get there no later than 12pm to experience everything that the space center has to offer
  • We suggest eating a nice breakfast before your journey begins – food is real expensive
  • Also, feel free to pack your own lunch! Back packs are permitted in the park
  • Also, watch your food. The birds are fearless and will take your food clear out of your hands! – it was a rough experience losing my sandwhich!
  • $53 dollars is for 1 adult ticket, and that gives you access to everything including the imax theater and the bus tour

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