How To Spend A Week In Northern Territory Australia, For The Venturesome Couple


Just saying the word gets our hearts pumping over here at Agape Voyage. We think of red sand, kangaroos and pristine waters. If you ever get the opportunity to visit Australia, you’re going to want to stay for AT LEAST a week. There’s no way you can go for any shorter amount of time, it would just be the biggest tease of your life! Not only that, but when you get there you have to have an itinerary! Nobody wants to waste any time so we have taken the liberty to put together the PERFECT week stay in Aussie land. Now, this is all assuming that you land at Darwin International Airport. Australia is surprisingly HUGE with five different “territories,”if you will. Landing in Darwin puts you in the Northern Territory and puts you right on the coast (which is where you want to be, TRUST US) and also, not too far from Western Australia. Andddd, we’re not staying in the same hotel all week – that would be too “safe.” C’mon this is for the VENTURESOME couple and Hell, if you have to sleep in your car overnight by the beach or perhaps an exotic park because you couldn’t score a hotel room in time or it was too expensive, the parks have showers – or at least areas with water and they also offer the most amazing sunrises so don’t worry 😉 LIVE A LITTLE.

Day One

Exploring Kadaku National Park

The excitement is jumping out of your skin, we know. You just landed and your ready to hop off the plane like a kangaroo. Now hopefully, the sun is shining and there’s still plenty of daylight left to go out and explore at least for a few hours. Rent yourselves a nice 4X$ comfy Jeep (esp in case of future sleeping arrangements) and lets hit the road while the sun is still shining because we’re going to Kakadu National Park – the oldest living culture on Earth! This place is historical, fun, adventurous, and  you can even sleep in the bush for your first night as an Australian. There is so much to do here including boat cruises, scenic flights, fishing and boating, swimming by waterfalls and croc siting. They also have plenty of food you can buy and eat right off the land (bush food). It’s pretty much a village, which makes sense because Kakadu is a living cultural landscape. It has been home to Aboriginal people for more than 50,000 years.

Literally this place is magical and best way to spend your first day and night here in Australia!!! You get around on 4WD by the way too. So cool!

♥Lovers Tip – buy your permits ahead of time as well as a permit to sleep so you don’t experience any frustrations when you get here and just want to explore and then be able to sleep 🙂

Get plenty of sleep because we have a TON of exploring to do tomorrow



Day 2

Get Your Feet Wet at Katherine Gorge and Katherine Hot Springs in Nitmiluk National Park

Hello and Good Morning!

We’re headed to the Katherine Gorge and taking a dip in the Katherine Hot Springs today situated in the Nitmiluk National Park!  Only sucky part (sorta) is it’s about 2 hours away so we want to get a early start to the day. Hopefully you got a good sleep, ate a good breakfast and are ready to hit the road! the Katherine region is where the outback meets the tropics so your in for quite the treat. Head out on a daytime or sunset river cruise, launch a boat or hire a canoe for the day!



Cast a line for a giant barramundi, swim in thermal springs and beneath gushing cascades, and camp on sandy river banks. Please though, with everything in us we urge to to PLEASE DO NOT forget to watch for crocs!

Please call to book your canoe,kayak and get the run down on the items to bring and not bring (bug spray, sunblock, etc).  The link will be located at the bottom of this article.

After you’ve successfully kayaked through the beautiful gorge and seen all the sites to see (hopefully spotted a few crocs from the safety of your canoe) it is finally time to get your feet wet in the hot spring to settle down and relax from all your hard work. Only minutes from the town centre are Katherine Hot Springs, Mataranka Thermal Pool, Bitter Springs and Rainbow Springs that offer pleasantly warm swimming holes! Edith Falls is right around the corner too, but judging by todays adventures it probably is best to save that trip for tomorrow. After your heated swim in this tropical oasis, you can spend the night in the bush or try to find a local hotel to rest your head tonight.



Day 3

Excavate Cutta Cutta Caves and Jump in the Water at Edith Falls

Rise and Shine Lovebirds ♥

Just a short 20 minute drive is an amazing cave site we think you should know about and see while your still here in Australia. We’re talking about the Cutta Cutta Caves.



The park is open daily all year, however during the Wet Season (December to April) the caves may be closed due to flooding – so the best time to go is between May – August (so if your HERE between these months lehhhgoo!!) The park concession conducts daily guided tours, generally conducted on the hour, of the cave system which generally takes about 25 minutes for each tour. The park also includes many nature trails and concession stands as well as a gift shop – Definitely take a look around while your there.

Afterwards we are going to Edith falls – a wonderful waterfall because you absolutely have to see an Australian waterfall and why WOULDN’T you want to go swimming underneath one – so cool and so fun – and you guess it, you can even camp there if you’d like 🙂  It’s a bit of a hike, (about an hour and a half) but buckle up and enjoy the ride, roll down those windows and breathe in the Australian air. Also, it might be a good idea to stop into a local town on your drive up to the waterfall and stock up on some food. Heck you can even have a BBQ at the park, they have grills and picnic areas all over the place! You’re probably both exhausted at this point but once you get to the destination you are greeted by this beautiful site. Take a dip and relax mate.



Day 4

Find Batchelor Springs and Explore Litchfield National Park

More and more swimming holes!! First we’re headed to Batchelor, which is right outside our true destination Litchfield National Park. Just look at this spring that we MUST see, it just looks too cool to pass up and it’s literally right on the way.



We’re going to be honest, we have no idea where this place is –> but its right outside the Litchfield National Park so if you have the time, definitely drive through the town and see if you can stumble upon it, heck, ask a local and we’re sure they can direct you in the right direction.

If and after you find this gorgeous spot for a swim, it’s time to head to Litchfield.

There are many camping areas located throughout the Park, as well as picnic areas and bushwalking tracks. Some waterholes are safe to swim in, so please use caution!

Popular spots for swimming include Wangi, Florence, Tjaynera Falls and Buley Rockhole.

Shady spots for picnicking are available at Florence Falls, Tabletop Swamp, Greenant Creek, Wangi Falls and Walker Creek. The Wangi Falls Cafe is located at the Wangi Falls Centre in case your hungry from your travels 🙂

Camping is available at Wangi Falls, Buley Rockhole and Florence Falls.



Day 5

Meet Brutus and other Australian Reptiles & Animals

MORNING! You need to be up by like 5:30 am and leave no later than 6:15 to make this day awesome because we’re going to meet Brutus today the 3 legged salt water crocodile 😉

This is literally the BEST jumping crocodile cruise you’ll ever go on and you need to be there by 8:30 am.  You’ll get as close as you’ll ever dare in a small group environment that provides memorable photo opportunities. Here at Adelaide River Cruises, you can experience the crocodile cruise as well as the Wildlife cruise (the one that starts at 8:30 am). This is an all day event and well worth it, seriously, how many people can say they went on a jumping crocodile tour and got up close and personal to a REAL salt water croc in its most natural environment – NOT MANY PEOPLE and everyone will be forever jealous of just this experience – let alone all your other amazing camping adventures this past week. Your also going to see so many animals endemic to only Australia! You owe it to yourselves and friends to provide such an amazing experience to YOU as a couple and a story to bring home to your closest friends.



Day 6

Take a Swim in Fannie Bay

Oh man it’s our last day here in Australia. Honestly we’re going to end it with a nice day at the bay, Fannie Bay that is. Nice thing about it, is that it is also nearby to Darwin International Airport so you don’t have to be worried about getting to your flight in time or any kind of stress like that and if you wake up early enough you can make it to one more nice little piece of Australian heaven. We literally made a full circle this week of all the amazing sites that the Northern Territory has to offer.



Day 7

Watch the Sunrise Over Larrakeyah Beach

Good Morning 🙂 We know your probably sad to be leaving today but don’t worry, you’ll be back. If you woke up early enough you can catch the sunrise on the beach right by the airport. We’re talking about Larrakeyah Beach, about a 15 minute ride from the airport.



We hope you enjoyed this vacation itinerary 🙂

Another element to consider when planning this trip was that it was planned for the months May – Aug. Some of these wonderful places DO get flooded out in later and earlier months so that is something you should always consider before planning your trip to Australia. Also, this trip didn’t cost too much considering you camped out most of the week so kudos to you both 🙂

Here is a list of numbers to call before your travels to get everything into order!

Phone Number for Cutta Cutta Caves: 08 8973 8888

Nitmiluk National Park
P: (08) 8971 0877

 Adelaide River Cruises (08) 8983 3224


Suggested Items to Pack for this trip

Air mattress

Small Tent

bug spray




Portable charger for phones

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