Month: August 2015


The Country Of Sea & Mountains; 9 Old Sites To Be Explored In Albania

Albania is a beautiful country worth exploring. There are many castles to be explored and old time towns to visit that overlook the beautiful ocean AND mountains. The streets are narrow and winding and the people are exceptionally nice. 1. Explore Butrint Extremely impressive site of Greek / Roman origins and it has been abandoned since the Middle Ages. The… Read more →


Visiting The Holy Land Of Israel; The 10 Oldest Sites From The Book

Israel! When we think of this small but fierce country many things come to mind. This is literally the place from the Bible – where Jesus grew up and performed miracles and rose again! Israel has seemingly been untouched since those days and provides tourists with an amazing experience of reliving history with every step that you take. Come explore… Read more →


Curious About Cuba? 10 Sites That Are A Must See!

Cuba! A place filled with tropical beaches, rich history, amazing food, classic cars and eccentric neighborhoods – an endlessly fascinating place! 1. Soak In The Sun At Playa Paraiso This beach is called Playa Paraiso for a reason – it is paradise… in every way! The beach is hardly affected by waves as part of it is more like a… Read more →


15 Beautiful Wedding Venues That Will Make You Want To Tie The Knot

Popping the question anytime soon? Well, these venues might give you a little inspiration to do so! 1. Union Hill Inn in Sonora, California Very shabby chic, with the wood, fireplace and the chandeliers! We picture it snowing outside – this would be the ideal Disney fairy tale like wedding! Very charming ♥ 2. Haiku Mill in Maui, Hawaii Have… Read more →