Month: August 2016


Believe in Belize for the Best Honeymoon Spot for the Water Loving Couple

Belize is truly the water lovers perfect destination. You like to scuba dive? Belize. You want to swim in beautiful and exotic waterfalls? Belize. Does swimming with harmless sharks tickle your fancy? Belize! Want to sleep in an affordable water bungalow, that’s right, Belize! We did our homework and trust us, this is honeymoon material! 1. Dive at the Hol… Read more →

The Grand Teton Mountains

Here’s Wy ♥

Honestly, if you’re considering taking a trip out to Wyoming – we support you, this place is beautiful. Not only will you be one with nature, but seriously, there is like NO reception anywhere in that state, so enjoy being LESS distracted by technology (Facebook and Twitter garbage) and soak in every moment of your amazing trip. Here’s our trip… Read more →