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10 Things That Make Us Believe Austria Is The Most Beautiful Place On Earth

Austria is actually one of our favorite places. It has stunning landscapes and amazing architecture and it’s hard not to fall in love with every small town and big town you visit. Austria possesses one of the most amazing museums in the world and the worlds largest up close and personal zoo. – Check it out. 1. Explore The Historic… Read more →


Explore The Breathtaking Beauty That Is Montenegro; 10 Old Sites

Many people (Americans I should say, myself included) are unaware that Montenegro is actually ex Yugoslavia! Just as its nature, the history of Montenegro is colorful! Every part of this beautiful country will tell the curious traveler interesting stories from the various periods of time. 1. Visit Kotor Old City Kotor is an old city and it is not only… Read more →


The Country Of Sea & Mountains; 9 Old Sites To Be Explored In Albania

Albania is a beautiful country worth exploring. There are many castles to be explored and old time towns to visit that overlook the beautiful ocean AND mountains. The streets are narrow and winding and the people are exceptionally nice. 1. Explore Butrint Extremely impressive site of Greek / Roman origins and it has been abandoned since the Middle Ages. The… Read more →