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Costa Rica; An Island Full Of Exotic Beaches, Waterfalls & Wildlife

Costa Rica! A magical and enchanting world full of exotic animals, beaches, and resorts. A nature lovers dream, as you will be surrounded by a variety of exotic species while relaxing on the loveliest of beaches. Listen to the calls of the monkeys, while sipping on a fruity drink and don’t mind the huge iguanas strolling across the sands. We… Read more →


Believe in Belize for the Best Honeymoon Spot for the Water Loving Couple

Belize is truly the water lovers perfect destination. You like to scuba dive? Belize. You want to swim in beautiful and exotic waterfalls? Belize. Does swimming with harmless sharks tickle your fancy? Belize! Want to sleep in an affordable water bungalow, that’s right, Belize! We did our homework and trust us, this is honeymoon material! 1. Dive at the Hol… Read more →


The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Antigua

Hello Antigua! This tropical island sports many relaxing beaches to be sat on, adventures to be taken and great local art to buy! Perhaps, the best island to encompass everything you want when you think “VACATION.”Bikini’s and flip flops is literally all you need, so pack light and make room for some pretty awesome authentic purchases in your luggage bag!… Read more →

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Discover the Mysteries of Bermuda

We love the island lifestyle at Agape Voyage! When we think of a relaxing or adventurous destination, we tend to always lean toward exploring an island! Each tropical island truly has different things to offer and Bermuda is no different. Rich history mixed in with gorgeous sunsets, seashells and lots of sunblock! So, grab your bikini and your sense of… Read more →


The Relaxing Beaches Of The Dominican Republic That Are Calling Your Name

Welcome to the Dominican Republic! Home of beautiful beaches, breathtaking waterfalls and where happiness is born! This place is a great vacation spot for the lovers that love relaxing with a twist of adventurous beauty! 1. Walk Bavaro Beach Bavaro Beach is incredible with beautiful white sand with turquoise water just inviting you to take a dip. You can walk… Read more →


The Most Luxurious Resorts Of Bora Bora To Celebrate & Rekindle Your Love

The most famous of the Polynesian Islands Bora Bora encompasses total tropical luxury and an indisputable romantic getaway. Any picture you see of Bora Bora, can literally blind you with it’s beauty! There is blue everywhere and everyone always has a smile on their faces. The sun truly smiles on this amazing island! Here is a list of some of… Read more →


Once You Discover Mexico, You May Never Actually Leave

Welcome to Mexico! Yes, we’ve heard it’s not “safe” to drink the water but it’s definitely fun to play in it! Mexico is stunning with its crisp azul waters, underwater adventures and pristine beaches. 1. Discover The El Arco de Cabo San Lucas This structure is absolutely beautiful! – The place where Mexico actually starts and it is the point… Read more →


Curious About Cuba? 10 Sites That Are A Must See!

Cuba! A place filled with tropical beaches, rich history, amazing food, classic cars and eccentric neighborhoods – an endlessly fascinating place! 1. Soak In The Sun At Playa Paraiso This beach is called Playa Paraiso for a reason – it is paradise… in every way! The beach is hardly affected by waves as part of it is more like a… Read more →