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Costa Rica; An Island Full Of Exotic Beaches, Waterfalls & Wildlife

Costa Rica! A magical and enchanting world full of exotic animals, beaches, and resorts. A nature lovers dream, as you will be surrounded by a variety of exotic species while relaxing on the loveliest of beaches. Listen to the calls of the monkeys, while sipping on a fruity drink and don’t mind the huge iguanas strolling across the sands. We… Read more →


The Most Luxurious Resorts Of Bora Bora To Celebrate & Rekindle Your Love

The most famous of the Polynesian Islands Bora Bora encompasses total tropical luxury and an indisputable romantic getaway. Any picture you see of Bora Bora, can literally blind you with it’s beauty! There is blue everywhere and everyone always has a smile on their faces. The sun truly smiles on this amazing island! Here is a list of some of… Read more →


The Most Amazing Resorts To Complete Your Wild Vacation To South Africa

The wildlife encounters are definitely something to look forward to when staying the night in the African Safari but there’s more to the experience than this. South Africa is famous for its mesmerizing landscapes, astonishing views and world class food and wine. You can expect a complete and absolutely fabulous experience. But where will you be staying? Well, there are… Read more →


Curious About Cuba? 10 Sites That Are A Must See!

Cuba! A place filled with tropical beaches, rich history, amazing food, classic cars and eccentric neighborhoods – an endlessly fascinating place! 1. Soak In The Sun At Playa Paraiso This beach is called Playa Paraiso for a reason – it is paradise… in every way! The beach is hardly affected by waves as part of it is more like a… Read more →


15 Beautiful Wedding Venues That Will Make You Want To Tie The Knot

Popping the question anytime soon? Well, these venues might give you a little inspiration to do so! 1. Union Hill Inn in Sonora, California Very shabby chic, with the wood, fireplace and the chandeliers! We picture it snowing outside – this would be the ideal Disney fairy tale like wedding! Very charming ♥ 2. Haiku Mill in Maui, Hawaii Have… Read more →


Fall In Love With These 10 Secret Beaches Around The World ♥

One of our favorite travel blogs (Travel and Leisure) recently came up with a list of 26 different secret beaches around the world which was absolutely amazing! We took, (in our opinion) the 10 best of those and came up with our own list – Agape Voyage style! The SECRET IS OUT! Enjoy ♥ 1. Lowe Howe Island, Australia A… Read more →


10 Museums To Add To The Bucket List – Before You Kick The Bucket

Get out of your house and explore some of these museums – especially if you live in the area, c’mon now, there’s no way you can’t find these fascinating!   1. Salem Witch Museum, Massachusetts This interesting museum features life-size stage sets and exhibits & tours exploring the 1692 Salem witch trials including witchcraft today. 2. Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, Poland… Read more →