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"HElping Hosts and Guests Have A Better Experience" 

Hi, I'm Kostadena

A superhost with Airbnb and frequent flyer! 

I strive to make my travel and accommodation stay as unique as possible and I share those resources with you here on my blog! With my experience as a traveler I've exclusively used Airbnb and I created a way to maximize the experience my guests have when visiting my Airbnb's. I've been able to duplicate this process and recently started an Airbnb Management company called Kosta Coast Vacation Rentals here in Treasure Island, FL. I'm here to help you as a guests and as a host when it comes to travel and unique Airbnb accomodations!


Don't Let The Tamed Ones Tell You How To Live - Johnny Ox

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You can always find me with my camera in hand! I love filming unexpected animal encounters on my adventures and I post them to my YouTube channel. I also post Airbnb Hosting Tips frequently as well as my Airbnb stays domestically and abroad. 

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Ohhh, The Places You'll Go - Dr. Suess

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