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Honestly, if you’re considering taking a trip out to Wyoming – we support you, this place is beautiful. Not only will you be one with nature, but seriously, there is like NO reception anywhere in that state, so enjoy being LESS distracted by technology (Facebook and Twitter garbage) and soak in every moment of your amazing trip. Here’s our trip in a nutshell – with the DO’S, the DONT’S along with the things we brought along for our trip (some of the stuff THANK GOD we did) and the things we soo totally wish we thought about before we jumped on a plane.

Day #1. We flew out to Salt Lake, Utah and drove to Wyoming

The views while driving the gravel road up to Granite Hot Springs

The views while driving the gravel road up to Granite Hot Springs

Granite Hot Springs in Wyoming, that’s where were going! Approx 4.5 hours away from Salt Lake City Airport – no big deal. But first – food. A quick Google search of local restaurants scored us an amazing meal in Utah at a little place called “The Park Cafe” offering amazing and cheap food under $20 – SCORE. The drive on I-80 E toward Wyoming is literally breathtaking. The road is winding, the landscape will take your breath away as you drive through canyons and it was one of the highlights of our trip. One thing we missed out on was getting a picture of the “Welcome To Wyoming” sign – (sigh). Driving through Wyoming was nice, a lot of rolling hills and mountains – we expected a lot more “green” but as we drove further into the state more trees and greenery started to appear! Those beautiful mountains in the distance with the snow covered caps get closer and your excitement grows. These mountains aren’t the dusty mountains you’ve seen all day – these are Wyoming mountains, the Grand Tetons, the Yellowstone rugged terrain out there in the distance. As you get closer you can also make a few historical stops – think indians and cowboys and Americans crossing over those mountains looking for a better life. Finally, we approach a cross in the road – turn right for Pinedale, turn left for Jackson Hole – we turned left – ONWARD to Granite Hot Springs! This is where the road trip gets scenic with the Wyoming beauty we were looking for – winding roads, dramatic landscapes, mountains practically covering the sky and creeks that can be heard and seen all along the way. Granite Hot Springs is about halfway to Jackson, make a right onto Forest Road and follow the signs to the “Swimming Pool.” Forest Road is 10 miles of gravel dirt road up a winding mountain that leads straight to the springs – enjoy this drive and watch for potholes. You’re gonna see some amazing creeks, mountain landscapes, wildlife and DO NOT pass up the opportunity to see Granite Falls, it’s literally right before the springs on the right. Granite Hot Springs was so worth it – that is all.

Day #2 White Water Rafting Down Snake River and Exploring The Grand Teton National Park

The Grand Teton Mountains

The Grand Teton Mountains

Wake up and drive to Jackson Hole! It’s about an 1.5 hours from where we were staying in Pinedale. Ok, seriously gotta mention this, the city sign of Pinedale literally says “Pinedale – The Only Civilization You Need.”It’s hilarious because when we finally got to our hotel the night before I screamed “Oh my God! Civilization!” Pinedale is literally a half mile of just a few simple stores and a gas station – anyway, Teton Whitewater showed us an amazing time on Snake River and T.J was an amazing guide, very funny and entertaining! We highly recommend you rent the wetsuits for a whopping $5 each, so worth it. The water is freezing and when we went it started to rain, everyone on our small raft was shaking except us. Take the small raft tour – it’s more thrilling and we shared our boat with 2 kids and their father, it was very exclusive and we quickly all became friends. Check out our video below for the experience! White water rafting takes a lot out of you, we were exhausted so before checking out Grand Teton National Park, we needed our favorite thing in the world – BURGERS! We had a great lunch at Liberty Burgers, just a short walk from Teton Whitewater in the heart of Jackson Hole, say it with me now – “bison burgers are delicious!” The Grand Teton National Park is about an hour East of Jackson, and the entire time your driving your literally in shock of these beautiful mountains. Pull over at the scenic stops and take your pictures folks. $50 gets you in both Teton and Yellowstone National Park. Get there early – Enjoy 🙂

Day #3 Yellowstone National Park

The Grand Prismatic Spring

The Grand Prismatic Spring

 If you’re staying in Pinedale like we did, you’re gonna want to wake up early and hit the road. Not only do you have to go through Jackson Hole, but you have to drive through Grand Teton National to reach Yellowstone. Yellowstone is breath taking – BREATH TAKING! There are no words for that place. The earlier you get there the better, that place gets packed and honestly we felt like it scared all the wildlife away. Get there early and stay late!


1.  Do yourself a favor, do a walk around before taking your rental car off the lot and have the company document everything.

2. Rent a car that gets good gas mileage! You’re Welcome!

3. Stop and get some water for your drive, the gas stations are far and few between

4. Bring cash

5. Keep the bug spray IN the car.

6. Bring your binoculars – ugh we forgot ours.

7. Bear Spray, it’s a real thing, get it, especially if you plan on hiking.

8. Umbrella – might be a good thing to bring. It rained when we were in Yellowstone, the storms get caught in those mountains and stay for awhile.

9. Pack dry food and microwaveable food. There are no restaurants outside of Jackson.

10. Portable charger is also not a bad idea for those phones, you’ll be taking so many pictures it kills your battery quickly.

11. If you have a GoPro, invest in a drone. You’ll want those shots over waterfalls and canyons.




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