Agape Voyage

Escape Your Fish Bowl

Hi, I'm Kostadena

and I fully support you for escaping your fish bowl

One day you wake up and realize that their is so much more to life than that 9-5 job that you're continually waking up for. The bills never seem to quite fully get paid anyway. The loans start adding up and your happiness dwindles. You start growing distant to friends and family because you're always working to pay the bills.
The bills that keep your little world going round.
Before you know it you're wondering where life went and the direction that it's going. 
At least that's how it was for me.
I started craving a deep fulfillment and a passion for life and the key was travel! 
I started recognizing my joys, my desires and the type of life i TRULY wanted for myself during my stay on planet Earth. I hope I can spark some of that enthusiasm for life in you. 
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Travel Book of the Month

Optimize Your BNB

A wonderful self help book on creating the BEST Airbnb for your extra income. If using your home as an Airbnb has been on your mind, I highly recommend this book! I have just became a cohost with a friend of mine on Treasure Island, Fl and this book has been INVALUABLE! 

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