About Me:

Seeing new places that I never dreamed of being able to see without my job has really impacted me. I mean, if I didn't get my job with the airlines would travel even be possible? I've read hundreds of books, researched thousands of blogs and joined so many countless communities online that I am absolutely convinced travel could've been a bigger part of my earlier life. I just want to live stress free and entertain my free spirit as long as possible. I want to feel this way forever - not just when I'm on "vacation." Why does life have to be so stressful? Do I even NEED a mercedes benz and a white picket fence and a job at the local pharmacy making 100k a year? I don't think I do. What is even the American dream? I want to get back to the roots of living and what that really means.

I just want to simply LIVE.

I plan frugal itineraries for Matthew and I and share them here on my site. I also love sharing conscious living tips as well as lifestyle changes happening in my current life. Like cutting back on plastic consumerism and going vegan and being more environmentally friendly. The world is seriously so beautiful - but it is also sick with waste. We can all make it a better place, starting with me and hopefully you! Won't you travel with me?

I have a Beautiful Life in St. Pete Florida. Follow me on Instagram for everyday happenings here in the Burg.