The Secret Life Of Airbnb

Unless you've been living under a rock you've definitely heard of Airbnb! I mostly (almost always) use it for travel, the prices can vary based on the experience that you are looking for ie: luxurious, frugal etc etc. So it's a very useful travel app and I am so happy with all of my 20 experiences that I have had over the last 3 years using it as a guest. I have recently started CoHosting with a friend here in Treasure Island, FL. An awesome travel getaway and year round travel destination. I will be sharing my experience HERE as a host just for anyone out there looking on some newer info on how well it's been working for me. I'd recommend hosting to anyone who knows Airbnb now (as a guest) and wants to produce some income on the side with their property!  

My Listing:

Please click on the link to view my listing in it's entirety!

One thing to note here - I have had professional photo's done for my listing and we have decorated it as a little vacation home! It really comes down to design when you are planning on renting your home out on Airbnb. People are on VACATION - so adding a stylish home with unique features is KEY for scoring constant bookings! Once you have the consistent bookings with 5 star reviews - Airbnb will make sure your home is on the forefront for people looking in your area. But at the very least, travelers are ALWAYS looking for: 


(like really really clean. Sparkling clean)


(if you only have a few - make sure they are good ones!)


(anything blurry is a NO for me) 


(younger people use Airbnb, most of the time they are within a budget!)

BONUS POINTS if it has all of these things and it is also a "Rare Find" AND hosted by a "SuperHost"