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Airbnb of the Week

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Airbnb Hosting Tips

This includes my own personal spin on what makes an Airbnb great! You want to make sure your space has a "vibe" that guests can feel through your photos and this doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming! 

As an avid traveler I exclusively use Airbnb for all my vacations - and as an Airbnb Manager I always view the site looking for unique improvements to my own homes. It's a never ending cycle for me. It's hard to pick just one but I share my favorite vacation home weekly!  

Whether it's a week long sailboat excursion in Croatia or a 14 hiking trip across Denali National Park I share some of the most amazing excursions that I find with you. Expensive? Yes! Dreamy? Also yes! 

My new favorite thing is finding unique luxury stays at boutique hotels. Feeling like splurging on a room with a view? Let me show you which ones are worth it! 

Are you into reading like I am? I read 1 book a month (sometimes 2) and I share them here. I hope to spark conversation with you about them - or at the very least get you onto your next good book. 

Do you have what it takes to get your property to "Rare Find" status? You need consistent bookings for that and I share some of those tips here!

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