10 Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

Once the knot has been tied and the celebration has ended with family and friends, most couples take off on their honeymoon! To travel to an exotic place as a newlywed couple is something magical and a dream come true!

But even after a big dream wedding you can still have that dreamy honeymoon! Aside from the cost of flights these destinations offer inexpensive accommodations and activities without lacking in romance, relaxation or adventure!


A popular destination for couples on any budget - you can make this vacation as big or as little as you want to! Most of the accommodations in Bali are resort style and stunning beaches can be found almost anywhere. You'll experience breathtaking sunsets on the coast, lovely jungle vibes in Ubud and indulge in some of the most amazing food.


Croatia is a beautiful country where Mediterranean influences cross with very Old Europe. Each region offer's a different experience so you have a few different ways to budget your honeymoon. The Istra region has a more romantic feel with luxurious hotels, coastlines and vineyards offering you world class wine and food. The seaside town of Porec is a must see when visiting.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

A warm, tropical getaway in Mexico is sure to spark some romance that'll surprise you and your wallet. The town of Tulum is a  stunning destination to have as the backdrop to your honeymoon. Or try out the lively city of Playa Del Carmen along the Yucatán Peninsula's Riviera Maya strip of Caribbean shoreline. Imagine stunning resorts, amazing seafood dining, and an ice-cold margarita or cerveza on white-sand beaches.


Whether you’re looking for big-city nightlife in Bangkok, temples in Chiang Mai or tropical islands like Koh Phi Phi, there’s so much to explore. This diverse and beautiful country has something special for every type of couple.


With beautiful weather year round, Portugal offers a unique European honeymoon experience. You and your partner will have an incredible time indulging in amazing cuisine, world-class wine, beautiful beaches or relaxing at a romantic resort. Go during the off season to save even more money on your honeymoon vacation.


For outdoorsy and adventurous couples, Canada is definitely the place to go. I recommend Lake Louise, in Banff National Park, because it is a particularly beautiful and romantic destination for honeymooners. With its secluded destination and turquoise lake, it’s perfect for a romantic getaway among the mountains.


In Belize, you’ll get the best of both the land and the sea. Scuba diving, waterfall treks, and incredible natural beauty are highlights in Belize, making it an ideal honeymoon destination. You can take a scenic flight over the Great Blue Hole, do a a sunset catamaran cruise, or explore Mayan ruins for the ultimate tropical getaway.

Costa Rica

Beautiful beaches, incredible forests and some of the world’s most unique flora and fauna will be the backdrop to your honeymoon here. Go scuba diving, white water rafting or sloth-spotting, then head to the sandy beaches and enjoy an incredible sunset.

Mediterranean Cruise

Want to explore Europe on your honeymoon but the price is out of budget? Consider a cruise around the Mediterranean during the off-season months! You’ll have all of your accommodation, transportation, and meals included, and each day you’ll wake up in a new place to explore with your love.

British Virgin Islands

This Caribbean gem is the ultimate destination for a honeymoon on the water. If a secluded tropical paradise on a sailboat is your dream honeymoon, look no further than the BVIs. Get out and about by going scuba diving and sailing or simply relax on the beach and soak up the sun.