How To Airbnb: 7 Tips For Beginners

Updated: Apr 19

It's no secret that Airbnb is an awesome way for travelers to get a little more of a "inside scoop" to a new place by staying with people who live in the area. Airbnb is fantastic for travelers because they get a more authentic experience when they book stays with locals and it's a great way to get introduced to a foreign place. Most young travelers ages 21 -35 are using Airbnb more frequently instead of booking expensive hotel stays. If you have an extra room or vacation property and you can offer a fantastic experience for travelers to your area you could get consistent bookings which means lots more cash for you! It's not that simple though - you have to provide the guests with not only a comfortable stay but offer unique amenities or information that make their stay extra special. Any specialties that come with staying at your home will more than likely be written in the guests review. The better the reviews you have the more bookings you will have! Here are some basic tips and rules for you to follow to ensure you start off on the right foot when listing your home on Airbnb.

1. List The Important Information In The Title

Traditional English Home 5 Min Bike Ride to City Square

I am not talking about "cute home in downtown with everything you need! or "updated home in the suburbs!" - these are common mistakes. It's not beneficial to travelers to hear that your home is cute or updated they want to know immediately what benefits to their vacation come with your home. For instance, are you close to the bus line? Does your home come with a pool or a killer view of the city? Free parking? Free pick up and drop off to the airport? Make sure that information is explicit in the title. Another really great tip for you folks with private rooms - if there is a private entrance to this room make sure you explicitly say this within the listing. Keep in mind that you only have so many characters that you are allowed to use. Do not worry if you're not directly in the heart of the city - your home always has something to offer! Sometimes you just need to get creative.

2. Cleanliness is one of, if not the biggest factor for bookings

Your home needs to be "sparkling clean" for guests. This is Airbnb lingo for THIS HOME IS SUPER CLEAN! Everyone of your guests will rate your home out of 5 stars on at least 4 things - in addition to writing a full review. LOCATION VALUE CLEANLINESS and COMMUNICATION. You want that cleanliness rating to be a 5 every single time. If you just have 1 property where you will always be around to consistently turn over the home then you best make sure you are doing an amazing job. If you are away from your property, than you need to hire a professional cleaner. Don't forget that the guests pay for the cleaning fee - I will forever recommend hiring a professional cleaner who can keep track of your items and communicate inventory.

3. Coffee and tea bar - a little one goes a long way

Little comforting amenities go a long way when it comes to Airbnb. I mean think about it and your own personal experiences when you've booked a stay on Airbnb. A coffee bar is like GOLD to me and it's something I will always be excited for. I feel at home when I can make a nice cup of coffee to start my day. I think a coffee bar is a MUST for every single Airbnb. It doesn't to be as extravagant as this one - it just needs to be there!

Also can I just say - those Keurigs are awful for the environment! Please consider getting a mini coffee pot.

4. Don't skimp on a comfortable bed for your guests

The bed is going to be the most used space in the house. If you use a cheap mattress that is uncomfortable to guests, expect to hear about it in your review which will definitely deter other guests from booking. I also always purchase two firm pillows as well as 2 soft pillows to accommodate all preferences. In addition to this you will want to spend money on a mattress cover - it will save you money in the future and keeps your mattress clean.

5. If you do not have a decent camera or basic photography skills hire a professional

The entire purpose of photos for your Airbnb is to show the experience that you provide. You are basically showing through images, what visitors can expect when staying at your place. You want to create a "vibe" so to speak. For example if you have a home in the heart of downtown display your home in such a way that shows off what downtown is like. If you're close to the beach, create a beachy tropical vibe in the home and show that off through photos. Is there a unique area for morning coffee? Show that off. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen blurry and low quality photos in a listing description. I can guarantee those are getting overlooked by potential guests ALL THE TIME.

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Do you have any other tips that you would like to share from your successful Airbnbs? Share them with me below!

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