A Monumental Vacation In DC

I love how cheap it is to visit the presidential city of DC! You can literally fly into Reagan and take the metro into the city to museum hop and see some pretty impressive monuments - all free. That's right, F R E E. Well except the metro of course but that's super inexpensive and consider it a savings as oppose to all the parking meters you'll pay after your rental fee for a car - not worth it. During the early month of April you can also expect to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom signifying the new season of spring, something that is always celebrated and #instagrammed of course.

Tour The White House:

If you want to make your trip extra special - I highly recommend reaching out to your states representative to sign up for the FREE tour of the White House. Before you get super excited I will warn you that touring the White House requires some advance planning. A public tour request must be made through your member of Congress (see link below) and submitted up to three months in advance. If you’re an international visitor and wish to schedule a tour, contact your home country’s embassy in Washington on a first come, first served basis. Word of caution - always check any last minute cancellations before your trip as tours are based on official White House scheduling.

So worth it!



Tour the Jefferson Memorial:

Thomas Jefferson Memorial is a national monument that commemorates Thomas Jefferson’s many contributions to the United States. During his life he was our nation’s second vice president and our third president. In addition to leading our nation, he also is the author of the Declaration of Independence. Unfortunately the monument will be closed during our time in the city for renovations so always be sure to check for any updates before planning your trip.

See a Show at the Ford Theater:

The actual theater where the very famous assassination of Abraham Lincoln took place April 14, 1865. I know this sounds so incredibly nerdy but I am so excited to be there the actual DAY the assassination took place. You can also take a tour of the Petersen House where the late president passed away surrounded by friends and witnesses to the crime. I love that this theater also still has live performances and you can purchase tickets online, see link below. A MUST KNOW is that you need physical tickets to attend the tour. Tickets are only $3 per person to see something such an incredible piece of American history and you can purchase them online - see the link below. You can also see a live play for about $20.


Pay Your Respects at the Lincoln Memorial:

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated just as the Civil War was ending in 1865. Congress incorporated the Lincoln Monument by March 1867 to honor the slain 16th president. An interesting side story to how the monument was constructed belongs to the Piccirilli brothers and sculptor Daniel Chester French. The monument took 4 years to complete and the creators devoted many years to studying Abrahams photos to perfect the presidents physique and facial expressions. French decided that the special qualities found in the sixteenth president were his strength combined with his compassionate nature. French depicted the president as a worn but strong man who had endured many hardships. He positioned Lincoln’s hands in a manner that displayed his two leading qualities. One of the presidents hands are clenched signifying his strength and determination to see the war through to a successful conclusion. The other hand is a more open, slightly relaxed hand representing his compassionate and warm nature.

Admire The Washington Monument:

The Washington Monument was designed by Robert Mills and was completed by an Army Corp Engineer by the name of Thomas Casey. It was built to honor and memorialize George Washington at the center of the nation's capital. Upon completion in 1880 it was the world's tallest building at 555 feet, 5-⅛ inches. Built in the shape of an Egyptian obelisk, the structure embodies the awe, respect and gratitude the nation felt for the most essential Founding Father. Admiring the monument from the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool is free but there is a small fee for taking the elevator up to the top of the monument. Right now the monument is closed for elevator repairs so it is important to check the site before your visit.

Do you have any other recommendations to add to this list? Let me know and comment below 😊

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