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Croatia is a true Mediterranean beauty! Explore the old cities, eat some amazing seafood right by the ocean and fall in love with the National Parks. This place is a beautiful get away for that couple who wants a true romantic European weekend.

Plitvice National Park

This is the most breathtaking place in all of Croatia and I can clearly see why! This National Park offers amazing sights, smells and feelings that will last a lifetime. You can easily spend the entire day hiking, gushing over waterfalls and gawking over the pristine condition of the lakes. I love that you can choose between the different paths - the lower route or the higher route - and of course you have to do both! This is definitely one of those places you’ll want to get to early as it fills up pretty quickly.

Walk Through Old Town Dubrovnik

Old Town is the perfect place to wander around aimlessly. Walk through the narrow streets filled with cozy restaurants and quaint little shops. The town itself is clean and friendly and the streets light up when the sun sets. There’s a very medieval feel to this ancient town and it's all waterfront!

Check Out The Sea Organ in Zadar

Similar to the wave organ in San Francisco, California the instrument consists of a series of 35 tubes and a large resonating cavity, which is played by the wind and the sea. The organ’s music is eerily reminiscent of the melancholy sound of whale calls.

Admire VisoVac Monastery

Guarded by a ring of trees, this picturesque monastery sits atop an idyllic patch of land within Croatia’s Krka National Park. Today, the monastery houses three monks and five novices from the Franciscan order. The monastery also has a small but extremely impressive museum. It’s packed with historic church clothes, manuscripts, and rare books including a medieval copy of Aesop’s fables printed by Lastovo printer Dobrić Dobričević.

Visit the Island of Lokrum

Lokrum is conveniently located on a short ferry ride from Dubrovnik Old Town so day trips to the island are very popular among locals! Spending a day or just a half-day there can be a really refreshing experience, as the island has plenty of pine, cypress and olive trees as well as some other subtropical vegetation which offers tranquility and shade, especially during the hot summer days.

Enjoy Dinner in Cavtat Old Town

Pronounced “Savtat” – this amazing town offers authentic mom and pop restaurants where you can get the best seafront out of the Adriatic Sea! This town has the loveliest setting for watching boats and walking along the coastline. The perfect, romantic European date night.

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