Fun Activities to be had on Clearwater Beach, FL

Updated: Jun 15

Clearwater lives up to its name and is the ideal destination for lovers and families alike as it is the epitome of perfect Florida sunshine weather all year round! Clearwater holds the largest number of consecutive sunny days at 768 with an average of 361 days of sunshine. Situated on the Gulf of Mexico this white sandy beach is only 35 minutes west of Tampa Bay and only a 20 minute travel from Tampa's International Airport for those landing and in need of the closest beach! You won’t be disappointed. Clearwater offers a diverse scene of seafood restaurants, bars, marina's and beach activities.

If your desire is for a drunken adventure, take advantage of Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise where you can party with the crew on the adult deck, drink as much beer and wine as you please (there's also a fully stocked bar) and search the open seas for dolphins! This cruise is also kid friendly might I add and the “pirates” do a fantastic job at entertaining guests of all ages. If flying with the seagulls is more your thing and would like a birds eye view of the beach there is always Chute em' Up parasailing! Fun, gentle and safe - fly up to 800 ft in the air for that perfect view you can only experience from that height - seriously. We suggest going around sunset for all you lovebirds as it does not get more romantic than that! If your still not impressed, rent a jet ski and cruise the waters for yourself. Of course, there is always the option to relax the old fashion way with a drink in your hand and shades on your face underneath an umbrella. Just walk right over to the tiki bar located directly on the beach and order up a pina colada - cheers!

For the ULTIMATE Clearwater experience, we suggest visiting Pier 60 on a Friday and enjoy the multitude of activities that take place right at the pier. The celebration starts around 5pm and the best part is, IT'S FREE! Experience the night shows where locals will perform acrobatic events right there on the street referred to as "street shows." Take pictures with a pirate and walk the pier where you can purchase handmade jewelry and other items, all very beachy and Florida themed - bring cash! Not everybody accepts credit cards on the pier.

That's not even everything - seriously I could write a BOOK on where to go, restaurants to eat at (Jimmy’s Crows Nest for an amazing rooftop bar btw) and tours to book! But I do feel I need to mention the Clearwater Aquarium because that’s where Winter the dolphin lives! You have to stop by and see her and her new friend Hope. I love the Clearwater Aquarium as they are doing a great job keeping our oceans healthy and they also care for our injured wildlife. Discover first hand the marine biology that makes up Clearwater's beautiful Gulf coast. Clearwater has so many activities to offer in and around the surrounding area - guaranteed to keep you busy, happy and a future vacation spot for years to come!

Do you have any other recommendations to add to this list? Let me know and comment below 😊

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