Interesting And Unusual Wyoming

Updated: Apr 20

The prettiest night sky that I have ever seen was in Wyoming. It was breathtaking. It is indescribable how close I felt to the universe and the stars, it was a dizzying experience that I am so grateful for.

Granite Hot Springs:

To be experienced in any season - granite hot springs is the place to go! The hot springs are natural, so don't be surprised by the smell of sulphur - but the drive to the springs is one of my favorites. Once off the highway you take a gravel and dirt road to the springs - roughly about a 35 min drive of awe inspiring beauty. You can see wildlife all around you as well as cascading mountain views. Make sure you stop at Granite Falls along the way! This place is amazing in the winter surrounded by snow. Cash only so be sure to have some dollar bills on you - $8 per person to be exact!

Tour Grand Tetons National Park:

Huge mountains and crisp alpine trees is one is one way to describe the Tetons National Park. If you made it to Granite Hot Springs, keep heading North (there's literally only ONE road that'll get you there) and eventually you will run into beautiful Jackson Hole. The Grand Teton Mountains are just past Jackson Hole and they will leave you in awe. The National Park offers great hikes, adventurous vehicle trails and lots of wildlife sightings. We saw lots of deer and bison - but sadly no bears or moose this time. Around every possible turn within the park - the three Tetons are visible.

Visit The Grand Prismatic Spring:

The Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park contains different types of Archaea with each color representing a different type. It's absolutely gorgeous to catch a glimpse of this natural beauty.

You can enter The Grand Geyser Basin boardwalk in Yellowstone National Park and suddenly be overcome by nature's abilities. Yellowstone is a place with intense power and grace.

See The Dinosaurs At The Wyoming Dinosaur Center:

The Wyoming Dinosaur Center is located in Thermopolis, Wyoming and is one of the few dinosaur museums in the world to have its own excavation within driving distance! They also have lots of fossils on display for illustration purposes - 100% real Dino bones! While you're in Thermompolis you can also check out Hot Springs State Park while your there - free entry and free hot springs. Relax in the park’s Free Bath House where the 104-degree water soothes away all the aches and pains from the day.

Visit Sacajawea's Grave:

In 1804, Lewis & Clark chose Sacajawea as their guide and interpreter for their expedition. Read about her controversial life and the debate about where she is buried at the grave site. The famous native American explorer's contribution to the Lewis and Clark expeditions grave site can be seen in Fort Washakie, Wyoming on Cemetery Lane.

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