John Muir, The Man, The Legend.

Updated: Apr 20

This is going to be the most important internet article you read today - guaranteed. If you're a traveler like me, it almost goes hand in hand to have a love for our beautiful planet. So unless you live under a rock, you are aware of the dire situation our planet is in? Trash is mounting, pollution is escalating - we have a deforestation rate that will make your head spin, an absolutely pathetic endangered animal specie list due to human contact and perhaps the saddest and ugliest thing of all - we are farming animals for their furs. Planet Earth is being torn down, polluted and sucked dry for the all mighty dollar. Have you seen the movie the Lorax? Who will speak for the trees? The answer is - everyone can and should.

Right now I want to tell you guys about John Muir who until recently, after visiting Muir National Monument in California, I did not know of.

John Muir;

(1838-1914) A California conservationist badass who spoke on behalf of the trees to President Theodore Roosevelt and 100 years after his death is STILL speaking for the trees. He is responsible for swaying the presidents mind after a camping trip to Yosemite together for establishing National Monuments by Presidential proclamation such as the Muir National Monument, including Yosemite by congressional action. John Muir and his wilderness preservation efforts have taught the interrelatedness of everything - "when we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe." John Muir has earned the famous nicknames of "Father of our National Parks" "Wilderness Prophet" and "Citizen of the Universe" for his work in conservation. Muir's writings have contributed to the creation of Yosemite, Sequoia, Mount Rainier, Petrified Forests and The Grand Canyon. Think about this for a second - if you have been lucky enough to have seen any of these places, can you imagine them not even existing because of human contact? You can thank John Muir for that.

The Sierra Club, what is it? John Muir founded this organization in 1892 with the intentions to "explore, enjoy and protect the planet." He specifically stated that he wanted to "make the tree's happy" by protecting wild places and natural heritage but much has changed since his passing. Climate change is quickly taking over as we know with massive increase in the loss of biodiversity - which is what the club focuses on today. The Sierra Club is the largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organization with over 3 million members and supporters. The clubs successes range from protecting millions of acres of wilderness, assisting on passing the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. More recently, they've made history by taking initiative in moving away from dirty fossil fuels that cause climate disruption and toward a clean energy economy.

The Sierra Club is hands down the best organization for protecting our environment, exploring National Parks with other members worldwide, sending messages to Congress, connecting with nature lovers and volunteering - they even accept interns for law students to help them fight the good fight. You can be an active member on any level an enjoy the numerous benefits the organization offers - or you can opt to donate one time or monthly, whatever amount you'd like.

I cannot get over how amazing this organization is and how me falling in love with the redwoods at Muir National Monument inspired this article. Nature lovers, world protectors and travelers worldwide need to look into this club as a resource for travel as well as finding ways to help this planet stay wild and clean. It is our duty. I recently signed up (for free) to receive a magazine from the Club to get more information about who they are, what they do, what they have already done.

John Muir - Thank You.

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