Tips For Conquering Your Fear Of Flying

Fear of flying is one of the biggest things that holds people back from seeing the world. And, to be frank, I get it.

Even after spending countless hours in the air, my heart still skips a beat when I feel the plane drop during shaky turbulence. I sweat, internally panic and I am constantly looking at the flight attendants for any fear that may in their eyes as well. With countless hours already spent in the air, I can tell you - I have NEVER seen a flight attendant look nervous even in some god awful turbulence.

Even before my flight I still get nervous but I have learned to feel a bit more at ease with these tips I am going to share with you.

Ready to take on the world? Check out these tips for conquering your fear of flying.

Let The Flight Attendants Know

If you are really feeling anxious when you board the plane, sometimes it's beneficial to board early and let the flight attendants know. They can comfort you and check on you during times of bad turbulence and keep your anxiety down by showing you that this is a normal experience when flying. They might even share a funny story with you or give you a free glass of wine to comfort you! This also works with letting your flight neighbor know as well - they might be able to offer some type of comfort during those times of rough air.


The first step to conquering your fear of flying is to pin point what scares you so much about flights. For me, it was about falling out of the sky and plummeting to my death which is actually almost impossible (I've looked into it trust me). After you acknowledge your fear - you can start to work through it. You’ll see that this mindfulness will turn your worry levels down and you’ll find that many people have the exact same fear.


Not Joking here! I need Nyquil on any flight that is more than five hours and especially if it is an overnight flight. Nothing relaxes you more and makes the time fly by faster (puns) than going to sleep. It can also be good to use sleep aids and herbal fixes like melatonin to avoid jet lag and keep your schedule on track. Also, it is perfectly fine to bring a few (travel sized) bottles of liquor on a flight! Sometimes a shot is just the answer to calm those nerves.

Sometimes a simple glass of wine (or two) does the trick!


I always pack noise-cancelling headphones, so that I can listen to some of my most comforting music during takeoff and landing or watch a funny movie on the plane. Listening to a playlist filled with all your favorite tunes can be a sure way to relax during flight.


Come prepared with things that give you comfort! Familiar scents can be very comforting, like a travel size bottle of your favorite perfume. I also always pack a cozy shawl, warm socks and a silk pillowcase. If you have Netflix and an ipad or smart phone, download some of your favorite shows or movies to be watched on the plane. It's hard to be scared when you are laughing at one of your favorite sitcoms.


View the experience as exciting rather than terrifying. Channel your fear about the flight into excitement for your destination and the adventures to come.

Remember, you’re flying because traveling makes it worth it, so focus on exactly that.

Sometimes I even just flip through pics and guides of my destination to keep my spirits up while I’m up in the air. Or, see the flight as an opportunity to catch up on all the movies you’ve been dying to see!


This was a life changer for me! I actually talked to a pilot once about the things that scare me the most and after getting an informative explanation of how planes work, I was instantly comforted. A good way to conquer any fear is to do some research. The more that you know about how planes work, the less you will worry about flying. While you’re at it, learn about turbulence, too. Instinctively, it feels terrifying, but it’s not really that scary when you understand it.


I always find that the first flight scares me the most but once I hit my layover city I am not as nervous because, well, I've already flown that day! Don’t keep yourself from seeing the world because of your fear of flying. The more you fly, the easier it will become! I promise, it won’t be scary forever.


Finding the right seat is an art. Some people feel more comfortable in the window seat because they can see their surroundings.While others like to be blissfully unaware in an aisle seat. Try different spots to see what works for you.

Pro tip: Sitting closer to the front of the plane will give you less turbulence for a smoother ride!

Upgrades to business or first class can really be worth it, especially when you use frequent flyer miles. It’s not always as expensive as you might think, so look into your options.

Is there anything else that you recommend for flying? Comment Below!

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