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Hi I’m Kostadena! I created Agape Voyage to help people find the confidence to travel the world. On this site, you’ll find countless resources on everything from solo travel to unique Airbnb hosting tips, photography tips & more!

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First thing’s first! Where do you want to go? There are SO many amazing destinations around the world and I’ve shared helpful tips on traveling to over 70 countries! Wanderlust is often sparked by stumbling upon a beautiful image of a distant place and adding it to your travel bucket list. If you’re interested in taking that dream trip, but need a little inspiration to pick which destination is right for you, check out some of my top articles on bucket list experiences for all types of travelers!


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When I start to plan a trip I always resort back to my social media accounts where travel is a big factor, such as Pinterest and Instagram. I have specifically saved pictures on my Instagram account to "GO HERE"  and then I have also categorized photos as well into different destinations. If you use the "Hopper" app  it will keep track of tickets for you and once you see a good deal be sure to snag it! Then I go to work on all research options I have available to me. Search specific hashtags, read comments, search "places" in the instagram search bar and I guarantee that you will start coming across some awesome options for your upcoming vacation. I even go as far as zooming in on Google Maps to find establishments that catch my eye or look interesting. 


Travel Tips

After traveling to quite a few places over the last 4 years you could say that I've had my share of travel FAILS. I also see quite a few fails at the airport when I'm checking people in. Is this your first solo experience? Are you on a budget? Do you know which countries you need a visa for and which you don't? Do you know the risks when you book separate tickets on separate airlines. Iv'e seen it all (just about!) and hopefully I can save you from that awful doom. If you can't find the answer you're looking for - just reach out and ask me :)