My Favorite Travel Items

There are some things, I just cannot live without. These items make my packing easy, light and efficient!I have mastered my packing and traveling technique - and here is what is inside my carry on bags! Everything is travel size as I see checking a bag the absolute worst thing ever. Lost bags, baggage fees, the list goes on and on. 

My favorite brush in THE WORLD. It works so good - my friend brought it with her when we went to Greece together and I ordered it as soon as I got home. The only downsize is that it is not "travel size" but honestly, this brush is worth the extra space. Read the reviews yourself. This brush is great for thick curly hair and it just makes all the hair smooth. The best.  

Packing cubes will change your life.. They keep my bag completely organized and neatly packed. Each outfit or article of clothing, like shirts, pants or specific outfits - will go inside their own little cute cube. Throw in a dryer sheet to each cube for extra freshness.  It's impossible to not find these useful. 

My mesh bags - an absolute MUST have for separating certain items in my carry on tote. After all, there are certain items I need in flight - and certain items I need after a long landing, and I keep my liquids all sealed inside separate mesh bags. It makes for a really easy TSA screening. I don't have to fuss opening up my roller bag - everything fits nice and neat inside one of these mesh bags.

Travel adapter - don't leave home without it! I like this one particularly because i've had great experiences with it. Also, you can travel to over 150 countries with this thing! It also has the capacity to charge multiple devices at once - which is often the case when you are traveling abroad. 

Like I've said in the past - I am always needing to charge multiple items at once and this small little power strip works magic for me. It can simultaneously charge my laptop as I am charging my phone to help keep me connected while I am out there in the world. You never realize how handy this is until you just don't have it! 

Expensive but worth it. Have you ever been blessed by being assigned a seat next to a crying baby? Well, good luck being able to concentrate on the movie you are currently trying to watch. These noise canceling headphones are where it's at! I think they are so worth the investment especially for those long overnight flights with crying children. Lawd help us all! 

Do away with plastic and start traveling with soft silicone bottles. It's better for the environment, I find them more useful as you can constantly switch out the product. They are soft and compressible, sometimes saving you that extra little space, and that's about it with these little guys. I throw everything in them from face wash, laundry soap, and rubbing alcohol (and sometimes my fave wine for shorter flights!). 

Do a little research on how filthy and disgusting plane seats are. I guarantee you will never leave without Lysol wipes again. I make sure to wipe down everything in my seat, tray, tv and armrests before I sit my butt down. Every. Single. Time. I just won't take the risk!  It's as simple as that folks. 

Expensive, I know. But soooo lightweight it makes my heart so happy. This laptop fits easily in my carry on tote and makes accessing my computer a cinch! You obviously do not have to get this exact computer if you are trying to keep things light - because anything similar will do the job. Trust me, it makes a difference especially when you absolutely NEED your laptop during your travels and you are trying to only carry on. 

My favorite camera in the world. Depending on the tote you purchase, it is very well possible to fit your laptop as well as this camera in your travel tote. With the tote I carry, not only can I fit my laptop and camera inside, I can also easily fit my ipad as well if needed. Not to mention all my liquids needed for the trip as well as my In Flight necessities. Hey, this is what i'm trying to tell you guys with this massive list of necessities. I make it happen baby. 

The travel tote sent from God himself. When he created this he said - let there be only carry on travel from here on out. Well, maybe that didn't actually happen... but when I get all my items in here seamlessly and with the precision from years of trial and error - i gotta admit, my heart feels full.